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Blog Tour Stop: Last Bus to Coffeeville by J. Paul Henderson {Guest Post + Excerpt}

Summer Road Trip Blog Tour:
Guest Post + Excerpt

Today I’m really excited to have a stop on the Last Bus to Coffeeville Summer Road Trip. I’ll be sharing Paul’s favourite books and an excerpt of the book to make you excited. Don’t forget to check out all the other stops at the end of this stop :)

Last Bus to Coffeeville

Author: J. Paul Henderson
Release Date: April 23rd, 2014
Publisher: No Exist…

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{Inês} Review: A Rainha Corvo (PT)

portugueseposts Review by Inês (PT):
A Rainha Corvo
(The Raven Queen)

Autor: Jules Watson
Tradutor: Inês Passos
 17 de Fevereiro de 2012 (originalmente 22 de Fevereiro de 2011)
Editora: Bertrand Editora
Páginas: 566 (Capa mole)
Género: Fantasia | Romance Magia
Série: A Lenda do Cisne #1/ A Rainha Corvo #1
Idioma: Português
ISBN: 9789722523875

A Minha Opinião:

Esta história foi inspirada nas lendas…

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Some Updates Concerning my Wicked Wildfire Read-a-Thon Progress

Wicked Wildfire Read-a-Thon
Participant 29  ~ Ner @A Cup of Coffee and a Book
Sign-Up Post & Goals | Updates #1 | Updates #2 | Updates #3  Some Updates:

Remember when I last posted my updates I had started These Broken Stars and was hoping to have finished the book and start Shatter Me?

Well, thing is, I haven’t picked up TBS during the weekend because I had a book luring me to read it, calmly whispering from my bedside…

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Hosted by Viky @Books, Biscuits & Tea

| NetGalley:

The Beast Within: A Tale of Beauty’s Prince
Serena Valentino
Release Date: July 22nd, 2014
Publisher: Disney Press

A cursed prince sits alone in a secluded castle. Few have seen him, but those who claim they have say his hair is wild and nails are sharp–like a beast’s!

But how did this prince, once jovial and beloved by the people, come…

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Wicked Wildfire Read-a-Thon [Updates #3]

Wicked Wildfire Read-a-Thon
Participant 29  ~ Ner @A Cup of Coffee and a Book
Sign-Up Post & Goals | Updates #1 | Updates #2  Day 6 (Saturday – 19/07):

Book(s) Read Today:
These Broken Stars [Starbound #1] - Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner
Pages Read Today: 15 pages
Total Number of Books: 2/5
Total Number of Pages: 705 pages

Well, hopefully we’ll improve this weekend with my currently reading book!

I finished Princess…

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TAG: The Seven Deadly Sins

I was tagged by the wonderful Emily @Books & Cleverness (GO CHECK HER BLOG NOW!!!). Thank you so much ^_^

The Seven Deadly Sins Tag!

* Greed – What is your most inexpensive book?

Well, Princess Academy was cheaper than most books I normally buy since I bought it on a second hand store. It’s was only 3.50€ which, for a book in Portugal, is the cheaper!

But I also got a book for free thanks to TBD…

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Years ago, when I first started blogging about writing and my hopes of one day getting published, I ran my first book giveaway to celebrate my birthday. Now, July 5th is the day I set aside to thank you guys for reading my books, for listening to me ramble on Twitter and Tumblr, and for just generally being awesome, book-loving, YA-reading rockstars. You guys are the best birthday present a girl could ask for.

To celebrate I’m giving away ALL of my books, including an early ARC of This Shattered World, plus swag, across five different winners, open internationally*. I’ll be drawing one of the four basic prize winners each Saturday leading up to the final grand prize drawing from the entire pool of entrants on July 31. The first drawing is TONIGHT, so jump on it sooner rather than later!

FOUR BASIC PRIZES: Your choice of any one of the above books signed and personalized, plus signed swag. (ARC of This Shattered World, poster, and custom These Broken Stars necklace are only available for the grand prize.)

ONE GRAND PRIZE: EVERYTHING pictured above! All signed/personalized however you want them. 


  • Newsletter (+5): Enter by subscribing to the newsletter I share with amiekaufman. Each entry here is worth five points in the drawings. (If you already subscribe, you’ve already automatically got these points in the drawing!)
  • Twitter (+1): Retweet this tweet. (Can do this once a day for more points!)
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See below for contest fine print and basic contest policy/rules.

Friday Reads

Happy Friday people :)

This week was the Wicked Wildfire Read-a-Thon and I’m so behind it’s pathetic!!! So far I’ve only read one full book and I’m half-way through the second. On my planes I should be already half-way through my third book… Oh well, hopefully this weekend will help me :) 

Still, here’s what I’m currently reading: 

Princess Academy [Princess Academy #1]
Shannon Hale

Miri lives on…

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Wicked Wildfire Read-a-Thon [Updates #2]

Wicked Wildfire Read-a-Thon
Participant 29  ~ Ner @A Cup of Coffee and a Book
Sign-Up Post & Goals | Updates #1  Day 4 (Thursday 17/07):

Book(s) Read Today:
Princess Academy [Princess Academy #1] – Shannon Hale
Pages Read Today: 70 pages
Total Number of Books: 1/5
Total Number of Pages: 369 pages

Oh no!! This read-a-thon is going downhill!!

Everyone remembered to called me, to invite me to places, come sleep at my…

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So, let’s draw back a little from the whole bookish world and sink into TV-series. 

Today I’m going to show you some of my favourite TV-series and the ones I’m currently following – like, religiously because they’re THAT awesome!

| Doctor Who


| Battlestar Galactica



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